Sophia Compton in Margarita Dream by Richard Sparks


Sophia ComptonSoph recently played Teresa May’s assistant in BTS Vogue, a short film spoofing May’s U.S. Vogue shoot, while finishing her English degree at University College London. Recent shows include Volpone (Camden People’s Theatre) and Henry IV Part 1 (Bloomsbury Theatre). Archive videos of her as a as a precocious (and terrifyingly stern-faced) 10-year-old playing the presenter of ‘STC News’ shows will haunt her till her dying day.

At 18 she played her ideal role: Sally Bowles in Cabaret. This year she was cast in TV commercials for beauty brands Batiste and Heist, while also being editor-in-chief of SAVAGE Journal – an arts and culture magazine and online platform that provides a space for the work of young artists, poets, musicians, filmmakers and writers, exploring London-centric culture and showcasing original work.

Soph describes her characters in Margarita Dreams as “a collection of misfits, eccentrics and their long-suffering companions”. She is Gina, the exasperated flatmate of cross-dressing Colin; Linda, subject of a live report on a local Community Affairs program (in mid-affair); Siri, the sadist at the end of your I-phone; psychic Jane, who only manages to conjure up a flasher; knowing 21st Century fox Una; composed Julie, who has the key to the over-crowded broom-cupboard; and finally, the ultimate diva: Maria, superstar of the Narcissists Self Help Programme.