Richard Sparks, the author of Rowan Atkinson’s most famous sketch, the Schoolmaster (Secret Policeman’s Ball) returns to Edinburgh after 41 years with an all-new, all-action comedy outpouring specially written for four young talents he has been mentoring by Skype from Los Angeles where he now lives.

Richard Sparks

The Perfect Margarita

Just for fun, this is the classic recipe, and couldn’t be simpler. Equal proportions of:

1 Tequila (make sure it is 100% agave. Some cheaper commercial tequilas are 50% neutral spirits, i.e. vodka. Avoid. White (blanco) is best imo, but they all work.)

2 Triple Sec tip: buy the weak, 15% alcohol Triple Sec. With all that tequila, the 30% hits too hard and fast.

3 Fresh squeezed lime and / or lemon juice. For variants, some of this can be blood orange, or other fruits (such as raspberry, mango, etc). But not all of it, you need the sharpness of lime and or lemon, to balance the sweetness of the Triple Sec. Don’t bother with commercial mixes, or citrus juice out of a bottle.

4 Put it all in a blender with a lot of ice cubes. It will become thick and opaque with blending.
Dip the rim of your glass in the mix and roll it in salt scattered on a plate – or not if you don’t want a salted rim, your choice.
Pour in the mixture almost to the top, leaving just enough room to top it off with a float of Grand Marnier – this makes it a Cadillac Margarita.

If you don’t want a frozen margarita, just leave out the blending part. Same proportions, poured over ice cubes, with the Grand Marnier float. Adding sparkling water makes the drink longer and lighter. I keep my tequila and Triple Sec in the freezer, cold and ready.
– Richard Sparks

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